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Growing up, money wasn’t really a topic at the dinner table, but why not? Why dont’ we openly talk about money?

We all earn money, don’t we? We all certainly spend it, but not a lot of us know how to invest it, to save it, and to make it work for us.

Money Plant is a personal blog that exists to empower, inspire and educate millennials in all things money!

Follow our personal story as we save, invest, grow, and make mistakes all the way from zero to one million with regular updates and milestones.

Sit back and read about how I reached my first $100,000.

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As featured by the BareFoot Investor – July 2015

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0k to 100k

Typically, this isn’t how most ‘I’ve saved lots of money’ articles on the internet start off, for starters……

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100k to 200k

It took half the time and I made even more passive income… read about the journey!…

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200k to 300k

Mrs MoneyPlant and I reach $300,000 together and I briefly talk about financial compatibility..

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300k to 400k



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400k to 500k



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Being interviewed by the Barefoot Investor was just one of the exciting events on the way to $100k..


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